Alex G

    It all started back in the early 80s for Alex G when two movies, Beat Street and Breakin’, came out. The moment Alex saw Jazzy Jay and Chris “the Glove” Taylor cutting and scratchin in the DJ booth, he knew he had to be up there doing the same. It was in his blood to be a DJ! Then in 1985, Alex G surfaced onto the DJ scene.

    DJing has taken Alex all around the world, playing and breaking new records. He was a bedroom DJ for many years, then when he had his shot on the radio, courtesy of the Baka Boyz, Eric and Nick Vidal, he knew that he had hit the ground running because of their amazing talent and credibility. Taking on rolls as their afternoon show producer, until breaking away to become an on-air talent, mixer, mix show director, music director and assistant program director at several radio stations, both terrestrial and Sirius XM stations all around the United States and being part of the one of the original founding members of the Violator All Star DJ’s out of New York City.

    During his free time, Alex has successfully built vehicles with Kal Koncepts and Ford Motor Company (Beat Street) and showed them at both the 2008 SEMA Show and The LA Auto Show. Then, a year later, Alex built and debuted his very own, award winning Lowrider Cover Car, “The Microphone Fiend,” a 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo dedicated to his late mother, Diana as well as his DJ career for the 2009 SEMA show for House of Kolor paint manufacturer.

    While he doesn’t claim to be the best of the best, Alex knows that if you want to learn more, you have to surround yourself with people that know the craft. Alex looks up to the OG’s like Tony G, Julio G, Jazzy Jeff, Mr. Choc, Sidney Perry, C-Minus, Jam Master Jay and Grand Master Flash. For Alex, DJing isn’t a hobby, it is my way of life. DJing has been a part of Alex’s entire being for over half of his life. DJing has kept Alex grounded throughout the years and he has been fortunate enough to have his friend’s and family’s support throughout his career. Alex has the utmost love and respect to everyone that has influenced and encouraged him throughout the years.